Aruna cured PCOD & Lost 17 Kgs in 6 months — Studio Gx

Aruna Reduced :-s
✔️ Weight reduce from 68 kg to 51 kg
✔️ Lost 5 inches from Tummy
✔️ Recovered from PCOD , cycles regular now
✔️ Size drop XL to S
✔️ More Energy all day now
✔️ Self – Confidence
✔️ Better Skin
✔️ Cured Insomnia


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We asked Aruna about her experience with Studio GX, here how it went

-- Hi Aruna , What has your total results in Size / Weight drop and Inches ?

I was 68.5kgs when I joined and right now I'm 51.5 Kgs.

I have lost 17 Kgs in 6 months and I feel the whole journey has been very successful
I have lost 5 inches from Tummy in total.
And my clothes sizes dropped from XL and now I fit easily in S
My Family & Friends started noticing the changes in me

-- How did exercises and workout helped you?

I have felt this that when you workout a day, it effects your metabolism rate and burns down calories till the next 24 hours.

You feel a lot of energy All day and it also improves your daily routine.

You follow a healthy routine and you don't feel like missing the workout classes especially Pankaj sir's. The HIT, Cardio workout classes have definitely helped in my body transformation.

-- What would you like to say about Online classes ?

It's really have Fun doing the classes and I feel my day incomplete without having these sessions.
My weight and Fat-Loss happened especially due to these classes

and I have seen this that trainers notice postures and check on everyone very minutely. They also motivate and encourages people in case they fail in understanding the exercise.

--Any improvement in the Medical Symptoms ?

Yes definitely !! I used to have my periods once in 6 months and it was very irregular and I was quite worried about it. I consulted a doctor and I was diagnosed with PCOD. She suggested me that I have to reduce my body weight and change my food habits or else I have to be dependent on tablets. I didn't want to be dependent on tablets. I took steps of Transformation and exercises and then

recently I checked on PCOD and it's Cured now !

I'm having regular periods and my skin is getting better with less pimples on it.

I have also overcome Insomnia or Sleeping Late at night

Also the Whatsapp Group share healthy tips that benefits my body overall and I'm following them still now.

Share your Fitness Journey in detail

I joined this App for weight loss & fat loss.

Also I wanted to see the transformed version of me. I was really not going into any offline gym classes for the Covid 19 pandemic. After googling about online classes, I got to know about your LIVE Classes and read all the reviews. They were excellent and very positive. After getting myself enrolled in it I saw the difference in me. Your Team has given more than I wanted. My trainer Pankaj sir and dietitian Shruti Ma'am stood by my side and helped me in achieving what I got. I always used to lack in the nutrition food plan of my transformation scheme because I think I'm pretty good with the exercises. Being a hosteller, it was hard for me to stick to a diet plan. My dietitian suggested it to me and gave me a very concise and practical plan. I could maintain my diet with my mess food. As for the exercises, initially it was hard for me but I took baby steps for perfection and gradually I got comfortable with it. Once I shifted to my rent place, I switched on to a more healthy diet plan.

My dietitian suggested a very healthy plan and now that I can cook my meals

I have reduced a lot of weight and fat from my body. I do not have to rely on outside food and

staying away from junk food is helping me to stay fit. I started eating on fruits and vegetables and eggs for protein.

I have lost around 18 kgs like this and also cured the problem of PCOD. I used to have PCOD due to my heavy weight but after following my first transformation plan, I started getting regular cycles.

I also regained my energy and improved the hormone regulation of my body

after my second transformation plan. It is because I had a change in my diet during the second time. Initially I used to face problems in getting the HIT and CARDIO exercises properly but after following the second diet plan I could feel how much my stamina has improved. I also started feeling light these days. In a way, I can say that

I have also reduced my Weight and improved my Stamina and joining this Fitness App has given me these benefits. It's Fun working out here.

Initially I had a doubt whether I'll be able to do exercises with 5kgs of Dumbbells, but now I can smoothly do with it and lately I'm thinking of increasing the count from 5 to 7.5kgs. During Pankaj sir's workout sessions I feel so intense with the exercises, that I can literally feel good positive energy hormones rushing throughout my body after the class is done. It feels like a positive achievement for me. It's a guilt for me when I fail in joining the classes.

I feel I'm in the right direction with LIVE Fitness Classes

--Summarize the things you've done that really fetched you these positive results!

One has to be consistent and honest when consulting with the dietitian about the limitations they have for the food plan. If things seems hard for you in the beginning, take baby steps everyday but get your exercise done. These baby steps make your path to your goal.

Do Exercises regularly. Get a Balanced Food diet.

If you get cravings of junk food like pizza or pasta make sure that its homemade and

in case of sweets , make sure you have it very little portion.

One thing I noted about here is my dietitian never suggested to have extra protein shakes and all. Out Team believes in consuming food which gives you protein naturally and I feel that's the best part.

With Right Mentors and Flexible timing shifts , this App has been the Best online fitness classes so far for me 😊
Superb. Thank you Aruna for sharing your experience with us.

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