Chandni 7 Kg Loss post-Pregnancy — Studio Gx

Chandni Reduced :-
✔️ Reduced 7 kgs in 2.5 months
✔️ Losing the post-Pregnancy weight , 78 kgs to 71 kg till now , more to come
✔️ She can Fit into her pre-pregnancy Dresses now
✔️ Feels Positive , Fit & Confident
✔️ Understands what is Healthy Fat-Loss


Watch her Full Interview , Learn useful Tips 👍

We asked Chandni about her experience with Studio GX, here how it went

--Hii Chandni, How did you get to know about the LIVE Fitness APP?

I got to know about it from the Instagram . You had put on an ad video for your online fitness App. I checked out the page thoroughly and found out that it was the best for me. Generally the online method of transaction or system has some chances of being fake, but the way LIVE Fitness App represented their videos and promises were absolutely relatable 👍. I could really connect my Fitness requirement with the club.

I made up my mind and finally called Deepika ma'am. The way she explained everything to me felt so comforting and assuring that I couldn't resist myself from being a member of this club.
After a week since I first joined,

the LIVE Classes Environment felt very Satisfying and it made me feel Positive.

I'd gained a lot of weight due to post pregnancy issues and I needed a platform to get back the old me. I started noticing changes in my body and I got positive results after a week or so.

My dietitian made a Customised Diet plan for me. It was Easy for me to follow regularly

Working out both in the morning and evening shifts sometimes become irregular for me. In spite of so many casualties from my side, I have lost 7 kgs since my first two and a half months of joining. I'm so glad that I trusted something over the virtual platform and it turned out so pleasing.

Losing this amount of Weight within these few days is really a Big Achievement 🏆 for me.

--Do your clothes fit in perfectly now?

After putting on weight due to post pregnancy, I used to think if my dresses prior to my pregnancy would fit me or not.

I tried one of my Old Dresses on 5th September, my birthday and it really Fitted !!💓

I was so happy to experience that change. I had to think a lot before wearing a dress for instance if I looked a bit healthy or not, but from now onwards I don't have to put on those worries at all. All my Dresses fit in perfectly now .

--Please explain about your health fitness and lifestyle routine before joining the LIVE Fitness App

I had some pregnancy complication issues for carrying twin babies

which is why my doctor suggested not to workout or do any kind of exercise. I had no such restrictions on any kind of food. In fact I was asked to eat more so that I become a little healthy and bulky. I remember being 62kgs weight before my pregnancy and after that I became 78kgs. 78kgs was really a big thing for me and finally my doctor consulted that I should reduce my weight. So after one year I found the LIVE Fitness platform. I really thank this club for helping me reduce my weight from 78 to 71 kgs. I hope after regularly working out on this platform, I'll be able to reduce more.

--Besides strength what kinds of other strengths are you feeling for instance like cardio strength?

I have realised one thing that if you workout and follow your diet properly, you will definitely feel the strength and fitness inside you.

You gain a lot of Confidence and it feels like a big Achievement for you.

You see yourself as a reflection of positivity, fit and confidence. I guess I'm on the right path as I have chosen the correct fitness platform for me. Our body fitness is the basic point of feeling as well as looking good. It will also help you have a peaceful confident mind and you won't feel insecure about your looks or body for a bit. I used to face Anxiety Issues for not being comfortable or confident with my body and after joining this platform I have overcome it even. LIVE Fitness platform's motivator has motivated me by saying that it happens during pregnancy complications. She boosted up my confidence by saying it's not a big deal and I will be able to overcome my anxiety and make my body fit.

​What is your experience with the online gym classes? Do you feel anything is missing there?

No sir. I do not feel anything is missing during the online gym sessions. Recently

I have joined the classes of Nikita Ma'am, and she helps me in situations when I fail in understanding the exercise

She repeats it until I have completely understood and make sure that I am able to do it. She takes into consideration that everyone wouldn't be able to get the exercise properly at the instance and makes sure that everyone got it right. She is a true guide and guides everyone perfectly.

--So after joining what are the things and tips you followed for which you have been noticing the changes within you ?

The first prior thing should be to maintain a healthy routine for yourself.

For Best Results follow the routine set by your fitness guide. Follow the Diet Plan as guided by your dietitian.

Be strict to it while following. The dietitians don't force a strict diet plan on you. They are very generous and make a diet plan easy for you to follow. One quick tip about the diet plan is never skip your breakfast. It's okay if you fail in following your meal plan for one day. LIVE Fitness platform follows up after every week to check if you're following your diet plan or not. They guide you in such a way that even if you skip your diet routine, you feel motivated after the conversation with them and then you really start working on it. The daily whatsapp group of our class also makes us feel motivated. They post pictures of their meal which makes you do the same and follow the routine.

I feel this is the best part of this Fitness club that you feel Motivated from your Classmates👍

--Anything else if you'd like to share and add?

I'd just like to say that if you have joined this platform, follow the diet plan and exercises, then you will surely understand that this is the best fitness platform for you. You just have to keep your patience and make yourself understand that you can do it.

Have faith in this LIVE Fitness platform, they will help you and support you the most.

Don't overthink and compare with others because it differs from one to another for adapting the process and changing according to that.
Thank you so much Chandni for sharing your experience.

Thank you so much for making me a member of LIVE Fitness App

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