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Meenakshi Success :-
✔️ 58 kg to 53 kg & Inch-Loss
✔️ Lost the Tummy Fat
✔️ Regularly did dumbbells workout + walks in evening
✔️ Diet Plan by Seema ma’am , Easy & Tasty food
✔️ Stopped Over-Eating , reduced outside junk food
✔️ Loves the Flexibilty & timings of Online classes


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We asked Meenakshi about her experience with Studio GX, here how it went

--What results did you notice within yourself after joining LIVE Classes ?

Sir I have lost 5 kgs and 7 inches all over , a lot of it from Tummy , within 3 months. I Reduced weight from 58kgs to 53kgs .

I'm very happy with this Online Fitness platform and thank each and every one for their efforts. My friends and family have noticed changes in my weight and body.

​--From which part of your body did you feel a lot of inch loss ?

Sir I had a Chubby Tummy before and I feel I have Lost quite a lot of inches from my tummy portion.

I have also lost inches from my Arms. Though my my tummy has not been exactly flat but I can feel positive changes in that part for sure.

​--What changes did you bring in your lifestyle for getting the positive results?

Sir I used to focus a lot of strength training exercises and I suggest everyone to focus on that too. I used to join Pankaj sir's classes for the strength gaining activities and he is extremely good at his training. Besides this, I used to have a regular walk in the evening. That was a part of my daily schedule.

Along with the daily 1 hour exercises , I followed my customised Diet Plan set by my dietitian Seema ma'am.

The diet plan was very easy and the key to it was eating everything in small quantities. If you're having your cravings or cheat meal, have it in less quantities so that it doesn't affect you much.

The Diet plan was very easy for me to follow .

​--What kind of food did you focus more ?

Basically I focused more on protein foods like paneer and Soya.

They became my prime food. Besides this I used to have eggs in the morning and vegetables at night. I had no problem in taking them because ma'am had already shared the recipes with me be it my snacks or my lunch. She suggested me to have stirred and stewed food and also explained me why and how it benefits me. She introduced the goodness of new types of seeds like chia seeds .

​--Did you feel any other positive changes in your body besides weight and fat loss ?

Sir I have felt my energy level boosting up after working out . Initially I had a doubt whether I'll be able to cope up with 1hr of daily classes but now I feel very positively energetic and active throughout the day.

My Healthy Eating diet plan and strength Training Exercises helped me a lot in staying Fit 💪

I feel both the things I have done in this platform has brought best results for me. I had no such problems with my diet and in case of any irregularities or problems from my side regarding diet issues, I have always got Seema ma'am beside my side. She got me an alternative plan for my problems and I loved this thing about her.

​--Anything you'd like to add or share about your experience?

First of all it's a continuous journey.

You have to keep yourself going with it and you'll definitely get Results.

You will notice positive changes within yourself and you have motivate yourself and move forward with it.

Control yourself from overeating

Avoid being casual with your diet at parties or celebrations as it may affect you a lot.

And lastly, do not give up on exercises.

Workout Daily even if for one or half an hour. It Benefits you a lot.

I used to workout Once a day + my evening walking schedule and that did bring positive responses to my body.

--What's your routine throughout the day?

Sir I'm a software engineer and I stay up on my laptop most of the time. I find it difficult to make time but

since I enjoy working out with my Trainers, I try never missing out any of its classes.

The positive results it has brought in me has increased my zeal of taking the exercise classes in spite of my busy profession.

​--Have you tried any other classes besides Pankaj sir's?

Yes sir. I have taken aerobics classes of Anu ma'am and the yoga classes of Tanu ma'am.

​--What do you feel about those classes?

Anu ma'am is a very energetic and wonderful woman. Hats off to her from taking a continuous one hour Aerobics session without any break.

After the class gets over, she Talks with us to know if everyone Enjoyed the class.

She takes two classes daily and she motivates me with her energy a lot.
--You may also try aerobics sessions with light dumbells . They'll fetch you extra benefits. You can try that later.
--Sure sir. I'll definitely try.

​--What do you feel about the online mode of gym classes?

Sir I feel that you face a lot issues going out for physical gym especially in this pandemic. I feel comfortable with the LIVE online classes because they are flexible with class time and you can opt for any time you want. For me the online mode of classes are more convenient.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

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