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Neha Reduced :-s
✔️ 11 Kgs in 3 months
✔️ Size drop XL to L
✔️ Enjoys the Diet Plan
✔️ Enjoys DANCE fit classes
✔️ TUMMY Fat burnt-off !
✔️ Recovered from Cardiac issues also


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We asked Neha about her experience with Studio GX, here how it went

--Hi Neha , what are your results after joining LIVE Classes?

Hello sir.

I have reduced 11kgs within 3 Months from Online Classes + Dietician

--Did you notice any change in your dress size also?

Yes sir. I dropped down my dress size from XL to L currently.

I'm very much satisfied with the your App and thank you so much for that sir.

--What are the changes you made in your lifestyle for getting these results?

Sir I feel superb working out on the platform under the guidance of Eddy sir.

Eddy Sir supports and motivates us a lot and I enjoy working out in his classes.

--Do you like the format of the our Classes?

I enjoy almost everything here sir. Starting from zumba and aerobics moves to the exercises they make us practice.

All Classes seem super exciting to me.

What changes did you make in your diet and nutrition as per your dietitian's recommendations?

Sir. My dietitian is Shruti Ma'am. She made me follow an interesting and easy diet with a practical diet plan. The diet plan is not all boring and

I Enjoy having my Diet according to the one Shruti ma'am made for me.

--Are you comfortable with the food limitations she has set for you?

Yes sir I'm very comfortable and I feel she suggests us the proper diet as per our body needs.

--Did you dietitian or trainer help you in changing any of your bad habits?

Yes sir I'm very comfortable and I feel she suggests us the proper diet as per our body needs.

Sir I was very much addicted to Tea and I used to have it with sugar. My dietitian included tea once a day in my diet and with no sugar. I'm getting effective results after following her suggestions.

--What part of your body according to your opinion you have reduced a lot?

Sir I've Reduced a lot my Tummy area

You have already seen my before and after pictures and I hope you have noticed a lot of changes there.

I'm happy that I can Fit into all my Old Clothes as well as my pre-pregnancy clothes now

--What part of your body according to your opinion you have reduced a lot?


I get a lot of compliments for my Friends and Families. They notice a lot of changes in me.

I used to suffer from irregular heart beats and stresses due to my body weight. After working out in this App, I can feel the difference in my metabolism rate and I have also solved the cardiac problems by doing cardio exercises. I have no stress at this point because I'm totally loving the results LIVE Fitness classes are giving me and my family is supporting a lot for continuing classes on this platform. I have also noticed a lot of other Benefits besides losing weight and fat from my body.

--Anything else you'd like to share, Neha?

I Love the Zumba and Dance LIVE Classes !!

and I suggest everyone suffering from weight issues to go and join here. The platform is very entertaining and motivating for everyone.

--What are your opinions about the online method of gym classes?

The Online method of Fitness Classes is very good sir.

It's a new method and it's very interactive.

The trainers check upon us very minutely and they correct us if we're wrong.

They also give extra time to the ones failing in understanding the correct posture. They emphasize a lot on getting the correct posture while exercising. We can also consult the dietitian in case we face any problems in our diet. I totally love the experience I'm getting on the this Fitness App :)

Thank you so much Neha for sharing your experience with us.

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