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✔️ Poonam Reduced 8 Kgs in 2 months
✔️ XXL to XL size drop
✔️ Reduced Double – Chin
✔️ Cured Spondylitis
✔️ Boost-up in Energy level all day
✔️ Online classes are very Convenient for busy Mothers


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We asked Poonam about her experience with Studio GX, here how it went

-- Hi Poonam, please share your Results till now.

I have lost 8 kgs in 2 month and I'm also noticing Inches and Size Drops of my clothes from XXL to XL. In spite of the irregularities from my side, I'm satisfied with what I have done so far.

My Inches - Loss is pretty visible and I reduced Double - Chin on my face

-- What improvements have you done in your daily lifestyle?

Sir I cured Spondylitis after doing classes of Pankaj sir Strength classes

I'm overcoming it and they used to take in consideration of my spondylitis issue and let me take time in lifting up weights.

Pankaj sir motivated me so well

that I started lifting them up and now from 1kgs of Dumbbells I am trying to increase the weight count till 5 kgs. I have also overcome my fear of lifting up weights and now I feel pretty confident.

--What changes have you done in your diet?

Sir I have increased the protein food intake in my diet

My weight got stuck in a particular number and after consulting with the dietitian she changed my plan and asked me to reduce the quantity of salt in my food. Following her instructions I have lost 1.5 kgs in five days. I love how they are available to solve your queries and that's the best part I feel about this Fitness platform.

-- Is the Diet Plan easy to follow?

Yes sir

I'm having the regular Home-Cooked food
Potion Control is very Important , as suggested by the dietitian

As for the exercises along with following the diet plan, I feel that my energy level boosts up and I do not feel tired throughout the day. I feel I'm in a healthy lifestyle routine which is generally increasing the metabolism rate of my body.

-- Did you notice any Emotional changes / Mood Improvement beside the physical ones?

Definitely sir. The pandemic has been very boring to everyone and LIVE classes you're not only engaged into exercises.

The Trainers have 10 mins conversation with everyone after the classes

This is to check if anyone is facing problems with the exercises due to medical issues and then they suggest them according to that.

I love the Variety of classes , Freedom to do any-class & UNLIMITED classes option.
I’m much more Confident now , getting compliments in social get-togethers.
We are proud of both of your superb journey of weight and fat loss. Hope you keep transforming yourself in a better way in further days to come. Keep working hard and All the best to both of you.

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