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Rashmi Success Journey :-
✔️ Mother of 1.5 yr old daughter
✔️ Started at 92 Kgs , Reduced 6.2 Kgs🏆 in 1st month
✔️ Doing 2 workouts a day
✔️ Followed Diet plan and Eating Healthy
✔️ Problem of Irregular monthly Cycle also Resolved


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We asked Rashmi about her experience with Studio GX, here how it went

-- Hii Rashmi , please tell us about your Fitness level before joining LIVE Fitness?

Sir I'm a mother to a one and a half month old daughter and

I really gained weight after my pregnancy , touched 95kgs.

I joined this fitness platform on 26th May. Before that I used to follow some exercises and tried to have the least quantity of food for me. My weight was reduced from 95 to 92 kgs after a long time by following these rules. These home exercises didn't work out for me. I bought a treadmill and it's just dumped in my house cause I don't get the time to properly use it. I googled about online Fitness and got to know about you sir.

I saw how beautifully the platform teaches us in the online mode. I was almost 92kgs when I joined the platform and within the first month, I lost 6.2kgs and that was remarkable for me.

--How did you lose so much weight ? Was it in a healthy way ?

“ I really like LIVE Fitness Classes App , it' so good that even after getting done with the payments and schedules you came up to me and asked me for my Review. My Guide and Dietitian even keep checking on me if I'm facing any problem or not. I feel this online mode of workout is better than offline mode. I'm very satisfied with the LIVE Fitness platform ”

I did follow the exercise classes of Nikita Ma'am in the morning. It was generally set for beginners. I also had an evening schedule of workout classes with Pankaj sir. I used to workout two times a day.

I had a lot of Fun doing the morning workout sessions with Nikita Ma'am as it was solely set for the beginners.

It had aerobics, zumba and other fun workout patterns and I really enjoyed it. It brings a lot of energy in the morning . I think it is a very interesting way of working out.

Both my Trainer and Dietitian checks up on me and guides me if I'm wrong.

They don't wash their hands off until I'm correct with my exercise or diet pattern. This is the best thing I found out about the this App . This platform is very affordable as compared to others . This APP is very much Budget Friendly and Time friendly for me and guides me the best. The weight reduction of 6.2 kgs from

LIVE Fitness platform did not make me Starve and there were no such Dieting Restrictions in my diet plan.

There are no such casualties during the workout sessions in this App and the trainer notices each and everyone very minutely. I dropped the platform due to some diet issues from my side and then rejoined it. It's been 27 days and I have Again lost 3 kgs of my body weight.

You see this kurti I'm wearing, it never used to fit in my body before and now just a look! It fits so easily and nicely.

I'm feeling very comfortable with it and I can myself notice the changes.

-- Did you notice the size drop of your clothes?

I felt that I have lost 8-10 inches Overall of my size in clothing.

I had sent you a photo before and I hope you have seen how Chubby I was.

95kgs is a huge amount and it really caused a lot of problems for me. I used to try walking around because I thought walking might reduce my body weight ,but I got hurt in the process and then had to stop it. Pankaj sir is very minute with his students and guides the ones who fail in understanding the exercise in the first take.

I really thank LIVE Fitness App !! also my husband suggested that I continue on this platform.

-- Besides the classes, what changes did you bring within yourself?

Sir, it was like this that before joining this App, I used to eat whatever I wished to, be it healthy or unhealthy. That's where I brought the change in myself.

I started following my diet plan and eating healthy. I started eating green tea, some roti and vegetables.

I had an improper sleep routine before and that has also changed due to LIVE Fitness classes .

I wake up early and follow the exercise classes now.
I have a purpose in my life and to me it seems that I have to do something with my body.

That gives me the motivation to wake up early. I have also started taking around 4 -5 litres of water everyday cause sir has advised me that water is very important for muscle toning. Pankaj sir explains to me the reason and value behind every exercise, how it helps me and how I have to get it done.

--Have you noticed any other positive response ?

Sir I had some problems with my menstrual cycle and

I used to have irregular cycles before due to my heavy weight.

This problem completely got resolved after joining your workout sessions and

now I get Regular periods

I don't have to take any extra medicines as I used to do before and I feel this is one of the positive changes this APP brought in me besides reducing my weight. I changed my lifestyle and my routine and working regularly improved the hormonal regulation of my body. We also have a group where everyone keeps on posting pictures of healthy meals with yummy recipes. These little things keep me motivated and I like the enthusiasm of everyone being positive with their body. I have realised that a diet plan along with regular working out gives you effective results. I have also noticed my muscles and bones are coordinating extremely well together. I can easily stretch my hands and legs as you can see sir. After proper working out and following the diet plan I can feel that I'm having less body pain nowadays.

I realised that once I Reduced my Weight I started having less strain on my muscles, bones and joints.

-- What was your ultimate Target ?

I have a target of reducing my weight to 60kgs from 90kgs and I think I have to work hard for that. LIVE Fitness APP has given me the motivation of getting it done. I hope I will get it done by the winter. Besides this I have no such hurries in reducing my weight because I think I have baby fat stored in me and this exercise is helping me get rid of it. I have to tone my body and I think it's necessary for me to get it done now. Even the trainers have guided me to do the same. I sometimes skip my workout classes but I make sure that I do not skip any of Pankaj sir's classes.

--Thank you much Rashmi. We will again check on you and we suggest not to change your workout or exercise routine as for now. We are glad that you have been through all these positive changes after joining our classes .

Thank you sir for speaking to me. I really like this act. Your Team seemed so good that even after getting done with the payments and schedules you came up to me and asked me for my review. My guide and dietitian even keep checking on me if I'm facing any problem or not.

I feel this online mode of workout is better than offline mode. I'm very Satisfied with the LIVE Fitness platform.
Thank you so much Rashmi for sharing your experience with us.

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